Introduction to IT Open Lab

IT Open Lab is an industry-leading and highly reliable interoperability verification and new technology incubation center build by Huawei. We are dedicated to integrating Huawei products with the IT ecosystem and incubating new technologies and solutions.

In line with Huawei's "focus" and "being integrated" strategies in the enterprise IT market, IT Open Lab provides partners with open IT infrastructure platforms powered by strong and comprehensive R&D capabilities of Huawei, including server, storage, switch, cloud platform, and big data platform. We team with partners to offer competitive solutions and services to governments, public affair organizations, and enterprises across the world.

We are dedicated to establishing the best innovation platform to facilitate enterprise informatization and improve the operation efficiency of enterprises. We look forward to working with our partners to build an open and harmonious IT ecosystem to drive informatization of enterprises and the whole society.

Our Philosophy

We believe that an open, innovative and cooperative culture can help us build an open and harmonious IT ecosystem with our partners to provide customers with effective and reliable IT solutions.

Service Scope

IT Open Lab focuses on the construction of the IT ecosystem and incubation of new technologies and solutions.

Proven Interoperability
IT Open Lab has verified millions of typical configurations of data centers. We provide valuable information and help customers protect existing investments and quickly respond to future changes.

Industry Solution
We cooperate with partners to provide strictly-verified and satisfactory solutions.

Huawei Technology Certification
We provide partners with an open IT infrastructure platform for interoperability verification and incubation of joint solutions, helping customers quickly identify efficient and reliable products and solutions.

Remote Lab
With our open remote labs, partners can remotely verify and integrate joint solutions online without equipment transportation, business trips, and waiting.

Online Learning
Customers and partners can learn and use Huawei products and technologies online in our hands-on labs.

Online Visit
With the 3D panorama technology, you can see IT Open Lab vividly through the Internet.

Do you know?

We have been focusing on the IT field for nearly 10 years.

We have verified typical configuration scenarios of millions of data centers.

We provide verification and consulting services for customers in 145 countries.