Project Overview

Continuous economic development challenges enterprise business systems. Customers need efficient ICT solutions, but how do they choose from so many diversified products and solutions?

Huawei provides its partners with efficient Huawei Technology Certification, which includes “Huawei Compatible”, “Huawei Validated”, and “Huawei Enabled” certifications. By using Huawei Open Lab, Huawei cooperates with its partners to provide efficient and strictly tested solutions, helping customers tackle diversified business requirements.

If your products can help Huawei build competitive solutions, please join us.

Types of Huawei Technology Certification

Interoperation and interconnection tests of third-party and Huawei products are conducted to ensure mutual compatibility, providing certain product functions to customers.

End-to-end integration verification of third-party products and Huawei products and solutions is carried out to promote and recommend various, valued, and joint solutions certificated by Huawei.

Third-party products developed based on Huawei products and technical support can provide unique and competitive products or solutions for customers. This certification verifies the use of Huawei ICT capability.

Benefits and Rights

Huawei Technology Certification helps established partners stand out from market competition with Huawei ICT products so that customers can buy with confidence. Partner products and solutions passing the certification are allowed to use the Huawei Technology Certification logos. This allows customers to quickly recognize these strictly tested solutions, which can protect their investment and safeguard business operation.

To ensure efficient integration of joint solutions and rapid release of certification results, Huawei provides partners with required technology and platform support. Partners can obtain:

Technical Support

Technical support includes solution design, development, testing, and other technical support.

Platform Support

Partners can use remote laboratory resources to improve certification efficiency and reduce cost.

Tools & Documents

Partners can obtain Huawei product technical documents, APIs, and development and testing tools.

Marketing Support

Partners can promote products and solutions in Huawei Marketplace.